Giving To Tower Community Fellowship

Why should I give to Tower Community Fellowship?

Our Church’s finances come from the generous giving of our people.When you give, the Bible refers to this as our “Tithe”  Your gift is supporting the ministry of Tower Community Fellowship Church.  Our ministry impacts people from  Aurora, CO., and extends to the world.  Maintaining your trust with the church’s finances is important to us. Accountability and integrity are important in every aspect of our church. We will honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and transparency so that Tower Community Fellowship remains above reproach.


  • Give online now by clicking HERE.
  • My church app – You can make a gift in My church App on your iPhone or Android device. 
  • Give in person. Every time we gather as a community, you will have the opportunity to give cash or check in an offering bucket.
  • Give in our church office. You can stop by our church during regular business hours to make a donation to the church.


When you tithe, you’re TRUSTING God with your finances.

Tithing is a biblical principle. God calls us to give the first 10% of our income back to Him. We’ve seen God provide abundantly in our church, and we know He will provide abundantly for you and your family when you put Him first in your finances. In fact, it’s the one area in the Bible where God tells you to test Him.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” Malachi 3:10 NIV


GENEROSITY. It’s impossible to out-give God, but you’ll never regret trying.

God gives us good things we don’t deserve and could never earn, like grace and forgiveness. He gave the ultimate gift, His Son, for our sins. When you hear us talk about irrational generosity, ​​that’s what we mean. God created you with a generous spirit. We want to help you embrace it by giving beyond your tithe with an offering to one of these causes.



  • Your giving helps us minister to our children, teenagers, family ministries, both and project, persons in need and much more. 
  • Your gift to Tower Community Fellowship will always be confidential. We never disclose to anyone your gifts and contributions to our church.
  • You may give the church non-cash gifts as well. You may give stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, trusts, retirement assets, even cars or jewelry. To make a non-cash gift to the church, please contact the church office during regular business hours at 303-337-9100 for directions to proceed.
  • Tax or Giving Statements. You may access a statement of your giving to Tower Community Fellowship online anytime by logging in to your personal profile. Click the My Profile Link in the website menu to log in to your profile. All giving, cash and non-cash donations, will appear on your report. This report is also your giving report for tax deduction purposes. Please note: we use Church Community Builder (CCB) for our secure and safe church management software. This is private database. To access your Profile the first time, please contact the church office for assistance.